Friday, 20 February 2009


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This picture was taken by TJ in the Kiev rented apartment on the 6th January 2009.
Don't be fooled by the happiness of that Pro Lover, she can smile and cry with a staggering talent.


The 1st picture was taken on the 24th December 2004. Similar pictures were found on

The 2nd picture was taken on the 7th July 2007.


Those pictures were found on
Her profile was removed after we had informed Svetlana we would blacklist her.




Age: 33
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Birth Date: March 14, 1975
Height: 163 cm / 5'35" ft
Weight: 52 kg / 359 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Translator
Education: Bachelor
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: Never Married
Children: No Children
English Ability: Fluent
Smoking: Non-smoker
Drinking: Socially
Other languages: Spanish
Description: I am womanly and elegant.
Partner description: She never mention a partner description, as long they are generous and naïf they all good.
Seeking age: Partner between 30 and 80 years old


Mail from the 01.02.2009 @ 20:11

Hello, my dear Paulo.
I know that you probably hate me for my disappearance since I am in Moscow. It was so difficult for me to realize that you are waiting for some news from me, but I can not contact you. I am so sorry, sorry, sorry. The things are happened to be not so easy here in Moscow as I expected. I will come back to Kiev on 20 or 22 Feb. and will be able to explain you. But I don't know if you still wait for me and want to be with me as before. I know that I hurt you but I didn't have a chance to contact you. Believe me and forgive me if you can. And even now – accidentally I had an opportunity to write you this letter and if it will be possible for you to write me back now I would be very happy ,because I missed you so much and I need to hear from you something, please! I will be able to write the next letter only next Sunday.
Kiss you, my dear Paulo.

SMS from the 19.01.2009 @ 16:56

My dear Paulo, please, don’t worry, I am fine. I am in Moscow,but I was in their office the whole day with new people. I wanted to write u email when everything is set up. I still don’t know a lot of things here. So I need to settle down and then I ll write u all info about how I am here. Kiss u my dear.

Mail from the 13.01.2009 @ 22:43

Hello, My Dear Paulo. Sorry that I write you the letter just now, I had such a difficult day again today. I feel right after I started to write this letter that I will not be able to write you now everything that I planned because I am so tired and need to go to bed as soon as possible. So, please, my dear, I will tell you more in my tommorow's letter.
I send my sweet kisses to you,my incredible portuguese man.

Your gipsy princess:)

SMS from the 08.01.2009 @ 22:35

My dear Paulo, I sent u sms on your another mob and it also was not delivered to u. I ll try with this one. U cant even imagine how much I miss u too!!! I ve been thinking about u all day and couldn’t concentrate on my work…But I understand that I should get used to that for now…Wish u sweet dreams, my incredible and crazy Portugal man J. I kiss your sweet and tender lipsJ

SMS from the 07.01.2009 @ 23:35

My dear Paulo, I was celebrating cristmas with my friends. I didn’t plan to see them,but they called me and invited. I was so sad being at home along, so decided to joint them and in a hurry forgot my mob. I am so sorry my dear, that I made u worry, I told my friends about us, they are so happy for me. Kiss u

SMS from the 07.01.2009 @ 11:20

Hello, my dear! U sent me such a nice sms this morning. I was crying while reading it…I’ve been sleeping for so long today. I saw u in my dream, I feel that since u left. I ll see u in my dreams all the time, so sleeping is going to be my best timeJ Kiss u, my real man from another planetJ

SMS from the 05.01.2009 @ 22:25

My dear incredible portugul man, I adore u! I’m flying here in my room thinking about u: I hope u r not angry with me that I didn’t try your cooking this evening, I’ll do it tomorrow. I just couldn’t think about food when there was such a special moment in my life. I kiss u tenderly. Sweet dreams, my dear Paulo

SMS from the 04.01.2009 @ 22:28

I know this beautiful song, I wish I could listen it with u right now…you can’t even imagine how much I want to see u again…It is so difficult to wait until tomorrowJ

SMS from the 04.01.2009 @ 21:49

My dear Paulo, thank you so much for such a lovely evening and for these incredible butterflys which I still feel in my stomach! Such a great feeling! I wish u sweet dreams, my dear Paulo and kiss you. Kiss…kiss…kiss.

Mail from the 31.12.2008 @ 13:29

My dear Paulo, thank you so much for your sweet letters and sms.I started feeling myself a real woman again. It is such a wonderful feeling- to know that there is someone in your life who cares about you, thinks about you and sincerely wish you the best. It gives such a great power! I am so happy that you appeared in my life, Paulo! I know that I will see you soon and when I just think about it my heart starts beating faster.
I am very glad that you had a chance to come so soon!
I will book the table for us in Buddha bar for Saturday of course. As for apartment- I was trying to find something more but everything is reserved for holidays, so those apartments which is on
29 Kreschatik str. or 15 Malaya Zhitomirskaya str., that you sent me is very nice and if you still have a chance to book one of them it will be great. Other variants are not very good in location although are also very good.
I am not sure that I will be able to hear you on the New Year Eve, because usually on such night the line is overloaded always and it is almost impossible to call someone or send sms. But I will be trying anyway!
Well, my dear Paulo, I hope to see you next year:),which is so sooon!!!
I wish you and all your family a Happy New year!!!
Million kisses to you!!!

Mail from the 23.12.2008 @ 17:07

Hello, my dear Paulo!

Sorry, that I didn't answer you yesterday after 20 p.m. I planned to be at hope at that time already, but our boss asked us to stay in an office longer because we still had many things to do. I came home late and was so tired that's why I couldn't even read your letters. Anyway I did it today. It was a very nice and sincere profile-letter. I enjoyed reading it very much. I never read it before. The agency told me that you exist only on that day when you arrived to Kiev.
Well, you know, right after I learnt from you all details about the agency work, I was so angry with them. It is so unfair, I think, from their side to do their own business on people's problems. Those who apply to the agency really trust them. It is very cruel, I think ,to give a hope to someone and then ruin it. Of course, the agencies don't care about someone's broken heart. And I understand that it is naïve and stupid a little bit to fall in love with someone just after exchanging letters, but anyway it works. The word is a very powerful thing in the world…
So, I was incredibly angry with my agency and even planned to talk seriously with them about it,but... when I realized that they really helped me to meet you, even using not a very dignity way, they really managed to arrange our meeting. So, I calmed down and think that I will thank them a lot in the nearest future :)
Thank you also very much, Paulo, for your pictures. You are a very handsome man.
I will attach some of my pictures to this letter.
I don't know what 'fake' Svetlana wrote you in her letters to you :), but I think now it is a time to write you a real information about me, my character, my life….So here it is:
I graduated from The Linguistic University. Right after I finished the University I worked as a free-lance interpreter. Thanks to that job I visited a lot of countries (Germany, Sweden, Arabic Emirates…) on International Exhibitions. Most of all I visited Spain. This is my favorite country. I've been even to Brazil three years ago on carnival. It was great!
At the moment I work for one big Austrian Construction Company here in Kiev.
I am going in for sport. I visit the gym regularly to stay in shape. I also adore dancing. I am a very energetic and passion person, that's why I can't live without dancing :) Music is also something very special to me. It can change my mood easily. I also like to go to the cinema and watch movie on a big screen, but unfortunately - there are no good movies in the cinema recently, so I enjoy watching movies created by me in my own life…:)
Books also have a big influence on me .Books help me to joint another world for a while and forget about the reality which sometimes is not so great as I wish. Books also teach me a lot…
As for my hobbies I like cooking –I practice new methods and new recipes a lot…. it is always a surprise what will I have at the end:) .You know, I've discovered recently one important thing about cooking – don't cook when you are in a bad mood, because it will result into ordering pizza afterwards, anyway...:)
I love dogs, big ones. These creatures are so faithful and kind! I think they can even give a good example to some other creatures named " human beings ":)

Well, my dear Paulo, I think my first letter is a little bit long.:). I have to keep some information for my next letters to you:). So, let me finish it for now.
I am sorry that you had to fly to UK before Christmas. It is a pity.

I send you many many kisses.